Gracie and her favorite toy

Gracie was found wondering near a highway south of Winnipeg when she was picked up and turned over to the Humane Society. Some time passed and no one came to claim Gracie. She was about to be euthanized when one of our members stepped forward and took her home until we could find her a permanent place to live. She underwent surgery to remove a large mass on her shoulder. After some recuperation time a new home was found. Her new family is very happy to have her in their lives. Below is a letter they wrote to the local newspaper.

Letter to the editor:
 ďWonít you consider?Ē

  Almost a year ago my husband and I lost our golden retriever Jessie.  He meant the world to us, as a lot of you understand in regards to your own dogs.  We have five other dogs, shelties, which we show and breed.  They are super special, but our hearts still were broken in a place only a golden could heal.

So, we began our journey to find that new golden addition to our family of fur.  We initially wanted a puppy like most people.  But then we heard about Gracie.  A dog of unknown history, most likely between the age of 7 to 9.   A golden that was on death row at the Winnipeg humane society and was scheduled to be euthanized mere hours away from rescue by a golden breeder.  Why didnít anyone want her?  What could be so horrible about her that she sat in the cage, tale thumping, people passing her by like she wasnít even there?  I will never know the answer to that because the Gracie we know, the Gracie we adopted, has stolen our hearts and became a great friend.  She waltzed into our house like she had always been there, said hello to the shelties like old friends, sniffed Kirby our cat and took over the dog bed in the kitchen!  Now after only a few weeks with us we canít imagine life without her.  Our hearts are full again with that special golden love.  We love her, the shelties love her, and most of all she loves us.  It didnít take long for us all to fall in love, it just took the imagination to consider an older dog and welcome her into our home.  All dogs need good homes, regardless of whether they come from breeders, shelters, or pounds.  It just amazes me that older dogs get overlooked.  Look at it this wayÖ. they are a gift.  An older dog is housebroken, leash trained, and most likely had all of its shots.  There wonít be any warm puddles on the floor or chewed shoes and trips to the vet for second and third vaccines.  Donít get me wrong Ė we are sheltie breeders.  We have puppies occasionally and they need the best homes too.  But puppies arenít always suitable for everyone.  Donít be scared of an older dog. If it is right for you take a chance like we did.  You wonít be sorry.