Rusty in his new home

On Saturday August 9th, 2008, "Rusty" aka "Mister", was adopted into our home. Rusty joined myself and my ( almost ) 3 year old golden "Quinn", to be apart of our family. Rusty was formally named "Mister" by his foster Mom, Jennifer.

While visiting Jennifer on August 5th for Quinn's grooming appointment, we were introduced to Mister. "Introduced" may not have been the correct word, as he was so timid and shy, he ran to the other end of the yard from me, seeking protection by Jennifer's two goldens. Within 15-20 mins, with Jennifer's help, I had Mister coming over to me to be fussed and cuddled. I had been looking for a 2nd dog, a little brother or sister to keep Quinn company and to have a playmate for her but I really wasn't ready, or wanted to go through the puppy stage again. Jennifer knew that I had been interested in a 2nd dog, so she was checking things out, to see if this would be a good match. Which it obviously proved to be !

Prior to Mister coming to our home, I stopped by at Jen's each day on my way home from work, so Mister would be getting used to me and not be so shy. On one occasion, I had him fetching a tennis ball. He would bring it directly back to me but would only drop it about 2 feet in front of me, waiting for me to toss it for him again.

On Saturday August 9th, Jennifer brought Mister to our home, as he traveled in the back of her vehicle with her other two dogs keeping him company. When he got out of the back of her SUV, he walked with her right to my front door and came in the house with very little hesitation. As soon as he saw Quinn out in my back yard, he wanted out to check things out. Jennifer left shortly after that and the adjusting process began. At this point I had already decided on the name "Rusty" for him, as his fur color and paws, reminded us of a rusty nail. I can't take credit for choosing his name, as after I described him to my parents before they even saw him, my Father came up with the name "Rusty". As the weekend went by, Rusty seemed to be a little more trusting and I noticed his eyes appeared to be opening wider. I suspect with being so timid, he was squinting and didn't really make direct eye contact with me. He stayed pretty close to Quinn, following her around and pretty much adopted her as his big sister. Quinn was definitely instrumental in Rusty gaining confidence and more courage as the days went on. On Sunday evening, I was sitting on the floor watching TV and Quinn was just laying beside me, Rusty was laying down just a few feet away from us. Rusty suddenly got up, came over to my other side and laid down beside me with his head resting on my thigh. He looked up at me, let out a sigh and then closed his eyes. It was at that moment, I knew Rusty had now adopted us !

Moving forward, Rusty's personality has really developed and he is no longer as shy as he first was. A little timid when he meets someone for the first time but he doesn't run away, or leave the room. He just sits and snuggles at his new "Daddy's" feet, knowing he won't let any harm come to him. As the weeks / months have gone by, Rusty became more and more at home, even to the point of becoming a little brat at times toward his big sister. Rusty would snatch a toy right out of Quinn's mouth and then high tail it through the back yard, with Quinn close on his heals. The two are now inseparable and don't go anywhere with out the other, or at least are checking to make sure the other is close by.

I can't imagine what Rusty's life was like before joining Quinn and I, nor do I wish to. All the circumstances are still vague, other than he had been on his own in the wild for a few months, while only being a very young pup. We figure Rusty may have been around 11 months to a year old at the time he was rescued and with the uncertainty, Quinn and I have chosen August 9th, to be his birthday and the anniversary of becoming part of our family. I later learned that at the time of Rusty's rescue ( aka "Mister" ), he was one hour away from being euthanized, when GRCM member Jennifer, stepped up and came to his rescue.

We all love him very much, Quinn, myself and my sister and parents who insist on us coming by for visits quite often. After learning more of Rusty's history, I find myself cuddling and fussing him and Quinn every chance I get. A dog's love is "Unconditional", I now have that X 2 !

Best Regards
Rusty's & Quinn's Daddy

P.S. As the weeks and months have gone by ( Thanks Jen ), he was starting to smell a heck of a lot better as well. But that's another story !